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Mr. Song Zhiping took part in “China-Europe Construction Industrialization Forum

Source: CNBM

Date: Nov 22, 2016

China-Europe Construction Industrialization Forum was held in Beijing on 21th, November. Theme of this forum was “green building material, green building, low carbon, combating climate change and sustainable cities, construction industrialization”. In the forum, Beijing Declaration of Green and Sustainable Development for Construction and Building Materials Enterprise was launched. Board chairman of CNBM Mr. Song Zhiping attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech titled “Greatly Push Forward the Development of Fabricated Buildings”.

On the basis of project practice of CNBM’s new fabricated building, energy added 5.0 house and green town, Mr. Song elucidated the significance of pushing forward fabricated building and the relationship between construction industrialization and modern building material. Mr. Song said that developing fabricated housing is a must and developing green building material is the foundation for construction industrialization. Mr. Song told audience that the purpose of the founding of Beijing New Building Material Factory 40 years ago was to produce 600000 square meters of pre-fabricated housing; now after 40 years, CNBM follows its original aspiration and still considers fabricated housing and housing industrialization as its major work. In the past, we brought in advanced technology from Europe. Now, our technology and equipment already reach advanced international level. Many of our cement and glass equipment has already entered into world market. Currently, china is conducting comprehensive cooperation with Europe enterprises in the field of fabricated building and green housing.

Mr. Song pointed out that rapid development of china’s building material has laid a solid foundation for construction industrialization. Yet china’s development of fabricated building still faces lots of challenges and difficulties which are mainly in three aspects. 1, relevant standard on construction industrialization needs to be unified and improved; 2, what we do in the systemization of design, manufacturing and construction is still not enough which needs further improvement; 3, factories in the sector of construction industrialization is small in size and loosely distributed. They need to realize a modernized, scaled and systemized development. Construction enterprise shall cooperate with building material enterprise, plan comprehensively from the angle of the whole country so as to advance the development of china’s construction industrialization. Meanwhile, we also need to absorb successful experience of Europe countries in green buildings and fabricated intelligent housing. We shall collaborate with Europe enterprise to explore third party market and fully leverage the two parties’ advantage and push forward china’s new housing to enter into the world.

During the forum, Beijing Declaration of Green and Sustainable Development for Construction and Building Materials Enterprise which was initiated by over 20 domestic construction industrialization enterprises including CNBM was issued publicly. This declaration is committed to promoting sustainable industrialization and urbanization construction in china and in the rest of the world through business practice.

This forum was co-hosted by organizations including CNBM, COSCO and Construction industrialization Development Commission of the Architectural Society of China and sponsored by Entrepreneur Alliance for Climate Change, Doctor Forum of National School of Development at Peking University and Shanghai Jianling Network Co., Ltd. More than 500 representatives from Chinese and Europe government agencies, real estate developers, planning and designing institutions, building materials enterprise and researching institutions attended the meeting.


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